Volunteer Office Skills Program

ACI's Volunteer Office Skills Program provides a community work experience to individuals with disabilities. Our Volunteer Coordinator, works individually with the volunteers to develop their skills so they are prepared obtain paid employment.


How do I begin?

  1. Complete an application to identify interests and skills

  2. Interview with the Volunteer Coordinator

  3. Learn about ACI and our mission

What is expected of our volunteers?

  • Call ahead if you need to cancel or reschedule

  • Attend volunteer orientation meetings

  • We strongly suggest that our volunteers attend at least two job readiness workshops

  • We encourage participation in all of the workshops offered by ACI

What do volunteers learn?

The Volunteer Coordinator works individually with each volunteer to develop their skills and increase their potential for paid employment. Volunteers are an integral part of the day to day operations of ACI and highly valued. They help us do the work we do!

  • Collate mailings

  • Phone skills training

  • Increase your typing skills

  • Office equipment (fax machine, copy machine, shredder, laminator)

  • Assist staff when needed

  • Community events

  • Office etiquette

  • Maintenance and office upkeep

  • Maintenance of ACI Food Pantry

Event Planning

ACI encourages our volunteers to share their interests with others by hosting a workshop on one of their hobbies. This is not only a fun way to learn valuable skills but gives you the opportunity to teach others a new skill as well.

Event Planning is taught with staff assistance and includes the following:

  • Public speaking

  • Creating flyers

  • Requesting donations

  • How to run a meeting

  • Keeping track of attendance

  • Putting together an agenda

  • Setting up the room

Community Event Planning

ACI believes in contributing to our communities. During the year we host or team up with other organizations to sponsor events such as planting trees on Arbor Day, conducting clothing and food drives, running the ACI Food Pantry and raising awareness and money for prevention of abuse. Volunteers are a vital part of helping us organize these events. 

One of our annual events is the NJ Disability Pride Parade & Celebration; volunteers have numerous opportunities to help in the organization of the event including:

  • Making phone calls

  • Soliciting sponsorship and parade exhibitors

  • Maintaining databases

  • Sending out mailings

  • Press Releases

Vocational Skills

Work as part of team in the ACI Food Pantry.

  • Stocking the shelves

  • Checking the expiration dates

  • Maintain database

  • Creating pre-made bags

  • Creating flyers

  • Collecting food

  • Learn important customer service skills

  • Keep track of sign-in sheet

Other Opportunities

Do you have expertise in an area you would like to share?

Would you consider interning for short or long term?

Please contact ACI and let us know!

As part of the ACI family, volunteers frequently participate and benefit from our programs, services and activities. We encourage our volunteers to become supporters of ACI.

Come make friends, learn valuable skills and help contribute to the mission of ACI!

For your convenience, you can either download or fill out an online version of the Volunteer Application from one of the links below.