Volunteer Blog: How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

Written By Eric Minghella, Volunteer Blog Writer for ACI

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits
If a medical condition has made it impossible for you to work and earn a living, you might be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees two separate disability programs. These programs are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which is a program for disabled workers, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) which is for disabled workers but is not based on work history but on financial need. In most cases, those who have physical disabilities are more likely to be awarded SSDI while those with intellectual disabilities are more likely to receive SSI benefits.

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Tour of FedEx Warehouse

FedEx Tour.jpg

Recently, participants in ACI's pre-employment programs enjoyed a tour of the FedEx warehouse facility in Edison and to learn about employment in the company. Thank you to Dan Moscowitz, Manager of Dock of Operations and Patrick Tynion, Manager, Facilities Maintenance who conducted the tour.

Interested in working for FedEx? Go to: GroundWarehouseJobs.fedex.com

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ACI and Middlesex OEM Featured on FEMA Webinar

On February 12th, Carole Tonks, ACI Director, and John Ferguson, Middlesex County Office of Emergency Management, were pleased to be presenters for a FEMA hosted webinar that featured a discussion about best practices, lessons learned, and challenges for people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs during the response and recovery phases of a disaster.

More specifically, it featured Core Advisory Groups (CAGs), which consist of individuals with disabilities and others with access and functional needs, FEMA personnel, local emergency managers, and other concerned stakeholders who work together to bring about change in how emergency services are provided.

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ACI Represented at Muscular Dystrophy Association Event

On February 3rd, ACI was represented at The Muscular Dystrophy Association information outreach event held at the Robert Wood Johnson's Clinical Academic Building in New Brunswick. This event also featured other organizations including NJWINS Program, Disability Rights New Jersey (DRNJ), Mobility Works, and The Family Support Center of Middlesex County, and Walgreen's Pharmacy.

Posted on February 3, 2018 .

Middlesex County Core Advisory Group (CAG) for Individuals with Access and Functional Needs

Are you a disabled and a resident of Middlesex County? Are you concerned about disasters and recovery?

A disaster can happen at any time, this is a great opportunity to work together with emergency managers and FEMA to make effective changes in how emergency services are provided to people with disabilities in Middlesex County.

Bring a friend to the next meeting of the Core Advisory Group (CAG) and you and your friend will receive a free NOAA radio.

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