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New Job Opportunity at ACI: Pre-Employment Instructor

Job Title: Pre-Employment Instructor

Job Type: Full time

About ACI: The Alliance Center for Independence (ACI) is a Center for Independent Living and a DDD/DVRS approved provider in Edison, NJ. ACI provides services for individuals with disabilities in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties. ACI supports the philosophy of independent living for all persons with disabilities.

We are currently seeking an instructor who is enthusiastic about assisting people, including students with disabilities, in being independent and reaching their employment and independent living goals.

Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), this position will provide extensive pre-employment transition services for high school students with disabilities.

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Resources and Advice for Autistic Individuals and Other Disabled Job Seekers

Written by Jenny Wise from Special Home Educator

Disabled individuals have a wealth of knowledge, experience, ideas and skills to impart to employers, though sometimes it can be difficult for those with disabilities to connect with the right employer or take advantage of optimal opportunities when they arise. Fortunately, there are agencies, both government and community-based, that can help position autistic and other disabled workers for fulfilling jobs that offer opportunities for success and career advancement.

For any job hunter, opening avenues to success is often a matter of talking to the right person at the right time. The more professional connections you can make in that regard, the better your chances of securing the right opportunity.

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Council on Airport Opportunity Presents Workshop on Careers in the Airport Industry

Thank you to the Council on Airport Opportunity (CAO) for their recent workshop on employment with the airport industry. There are many job openings at airports in the NJ/NY area. CAO acts as the human resource department for the airport industry. Interested in working for an airport? Call 973-622-4537 or visit

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Workshops on Customer Service and Employment at Starbucks

ACI was honored to have the managers and partners of the local Starbucks share their expertise at two customer service workshops held on June 1st. The workshops were geared towards transition-aged students as well as adults, and also included information on the benefits of working at the coffee shop. Thank you to Tiara and her team for the great workshops!

Interested in working for Starbucks? Visit

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Edison Library Demonstrates Brainfuse JobNow Service

ACI is proud to partner with the Edison Township Free Public Library in providing our members with even more resources to aid in the job search process through a service called Brainfuse JobNow. A big thanks to Gabe and Daniele of the Edison Township Free Public Library for demonstrating how JobNow works. We look forward to having you back!

Brainfuse JobNow is a database service offered at Edison Public Libraries that provides users with a host of on-demand career services. Users will have access to a live job coach that will help beginning job seekers pinpoint their desired career field, provide constructive suggestions on resumes, help write a professional cover letter, and give live interview practice and feedback. The JobNow service also comes with an extensive collection of resources, including resume/cover letter templates, interview tips, sample interview questions, industry-specific sample interview questions, and a diverse array of online resources and links.

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Tour of FedEx Warehouse

FedEx Tour.jpg

Recently, participants in ACI's pre-employment programs enjoyed a tour of the FedEx warehouse facility in Edison and to learn about employment in the company. Thank you to Dan Moscowitz, Manager of Dock of Operations and Patrick Tynion, Manager, Facilities Maintenance who conducted the tour.

Interested in working for FedEx? Go to:

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NJ Healthcare Talent Network Showcases Various Careers in Healthcare

ACI would like to thank Sereena Singh and Marwa Elgendy of the NJ Healthcare Talent Network for its informative presentation on Monday, October 30th. The Health Care Talent Network helps those seeking careers in the health care field, through training and apprenticeships. Those who receive services through DVRS or One Stop Career Centers are eligible. The Health Care Talent Network is a program of Rutgers University's School of Management and Labor Relations. For more information, contact ACI.

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