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Making Milkweed Seed Bombs to Save the Monarch Butterflies!

In honor of Earth Day, ACI is helping to save the monarch butterflies by making milkweed seed bombs! Milkweed is the one and only host plant for monarch caterpillars. Follow your recipe below and make your own!!

The ratio is roughly: 5 parts clay, 1 part compost/potting soil/seed-starting mix, 1 part seeds.

Combine the clay and compost; if you’re using wet clay you won’t need water, if you’re using a dry clay add water sparingly until it’s moist enough to stick together. Add the seeds, form into golf ball-sized balls, and set in a dry place to harden for a few days.

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Council on Airport Opportunity Presents Workshop on Careers in the Airport Industry

Thank you to the Council on Airport Opportunity (CAO) for their recent workshop on employment with the airport industry. There are many job openings at airports in the NJ/NY area. CAO acts as the human resource department for the airport industry. Interested in working for an airport? Call 973-622-4537 or visit

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Presentation on the History and Importance of the Year 1968

Thank you to everyone who attended 1968: the Year that Changed America on August 3rd. The interactive workshop discussed the pop culture, music, disability issues, politics, the triumphs and tragedies that made that year memorable. Many of us shared our reminisces of that eventful year. ACI periodically hosts presentations on recent history and disability. For more information, contact Luke Koppisch at

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Cooking Demonstration Provided by Wegmans

ACI wishes to thank Wegmans and Chef Jeff for his terrific cooking demonstration this past Friday. Participants learned how to make a delicious summer salad with fresh Jersey-grown ingredients. Everyone received a Wegmans bag filled with everything needed to make simple salad at home. Thank you to Wegmans for their support to our independent living program and we hope to have Jeff back soon!

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Rutgers Master Gardeners and Volunteers Prep ACI Garden for the Summer!

ACI welcomed Rutgers Master Gardener, Jerri Barclay, on the afternoon of June 22nd. ACI volunteers worked with Jerri to plant this years ACI tomato and vegetable garden. Thank you Jerri, for your gardening tips and help putting our garden in order. We look forward to working with her again and her fellow Master Gardner, Ann Ryder, at our next gardening event August 21st from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. If you would like to attend, please register on our website.

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