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Written By Niodhi Joshi, Volunteer Blog Writer for ACI

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of life. If we keep track of it, we will be able to maintain a healthy state of mind. Mental health means everything in order to function normally in life. We are able to function normally with the help of healthy cognition. For instance, the difference between right and left is visible with the help of cognition. Cognition is only one of the many variables to maintain healthy state of mind. In order to maintain good mental health, we have to keep using our coping skills that works the best for us. Along with coping skills, resources of good organizations or mental health agencies can help with dealing with or maintaining and promoting healthy mental state.

I am going to provide information of one such organization where an individual can get involved and enjoy the benefits of the resources and activities that the organization has to offer. The individual needs are subjective. The name of the organization is Mental Health Association GC.

The Mental Health Association GC (MHAGC) works to end the stigma through their education and collaboration programs. The organization is especially known for its education, advocacy and support through promoting prevention and increasing empowerment. The organization helps to meet the biggest unmet need of mental health issues of our time (mhagcusa.org). It takes mental health education as seriously as we take physical health education. Moreover, MHAGC is an independent, nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, founded in 1957. In addition, MHAGC is working to make mental health a top priority in schools, healthcare systems, homes and communities.

The organization offers support programs for individuals to achieve social, emotional and mental well -being. Moreover, the programs are designed in such a way that it helps individuals to face the challenges offered by families, social environments and communities in order to achieve social, emotional and mental wellbeing. And, the programs help to reduce stigma associated with mental illness that leads to brain and mental health damage (201 billion in 2013). Above all, MHAGC is well known for working on reducing suicides in the society through education and through their support programs.

The programs significantly reduce suicide and attempted suicide as per the CDC reports 15.5% of students seriously considered suicide in 2015. Create supportive and nurturing school communities conducive to mental wellbeing. Create recognition that mental health is a vital part of overall wellness. Provide adolescents and families with emotional problem solving skills and tools. And reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness that prevents access to care. For more information on MHAGC programs on mental health, visit the website at mhagcusa.org and based on your mental health needs which could be met within your homes, schools and community environments. Determine the needs of emotional mind, reasonable mind and wise mind then enroll into the support programs MHAGC has to offer.

Posted on September 19, 2017 and filed under Volunteer Blog.