5 Essential Mental Health Resources

Written By Niodhi Joshi, Volunteer Blog Writer for ACI


Hello all, this time I am planning to talk about the resources that would help in care giving not just for the mentally ill or the people who needs help with mental health but also for those who take care of the mentally ill or for the people who live with those who need mental health care. The main resource is 2016 Resource Directory For Aging & Disabled Services. For more information on the main resource kindly visit www.co.middlesex.nj.us which is the website for County Of Middlesex Office Of Aging And Disabled Services.

The most common thing we hear is that "I am not mentally ill and neither do I need someone who can provide us help as far as mental health is concerned". I would suggest at least give it a try to the resources that I am going to provide in this writing. It is okay if you are absolutely healthy mental health wise. Just take a look at these places by looking up for them through the websites that I will provide. Browse around their sites and see if you can find something useful to share with your colleagues about mental health. I am sure it will make you cool enough for the people to interact with you. First is Care 2 Caregivers and the website is www.care2caregivers.com. Its counselors assist dementia caregivers by providing supportive counseling and information on the broad ranges of services that can help caregivers. Second is EARS for Caregivers (Educate-Advocate-Reduce Stress for Caregivers) at University Behavioral Healthcare COPSA Geriatric Services and the website is www.ubhc.rutgers.edu. EARS is a program designed to assist unpaid caregivers with emotional support and guidance. Professional staff with an understanding of the stresses of caregiving are available to assist in matters of decision making, accessing services, listening and offering support and understanding to those in need. Third is Family Resource Network and the website is www.familyresourcenetwork.org. Fourth is Family Support Center of NJ and website is www.fscnj.org. Fifth is Statewide Respite Care Program and website is www.state.nj.us. It is a program designed to provide assistance by giving unpaid caregivers a break from their daily responsibility of caring for an elderly or disabled friend or relative. This allows the caregiver to attend to their personal matters, medical appointment, shopping, or vacations. Applicants must meet eligibility guidelines.  

These five resources have the credibility to provide the care giving that is essential and that is absolutely required for the community wellness.

Posted on October 13, 2017 and filed under Volunteer Blog.