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Edison Library Demonstrates Brainfuse JobNow Service

ACI is proud to partner with the Edison Township Free Public Library in providing our members with even more resources to aid in the job search process through a service called Brainfuse JobNow. A big thanks to Gabe and Daniele of the Edison Township Free Public Library for demonstrating how JobNow works. We look forward to having you back!

Brainfuse JobNow is a database service offered at Edison Public Libraries that provides users with a host of on-demand career services. Users will have access to a live job coach that will help beginning job seekers pinpoint their desired career field, provide constructive suggestions on resumes, help write a professional cover letter, and give live interview practice and feedback. The JobNow service also comes with an extensive collection of resources, including resume/cover letter templates, interview tips, sample interview questions, industry-specific sample interview questions, and a diverse array of online resources and links.

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Decorating Shirts for the Clothesline Project

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Clothesline Project event in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Clothesline Project started in 1990 to address violence against women. Over its nearly 30 years of operation, the scope of the Project has grown to include all gender identities while addressing violence, including sexual, domestic, caregiver, or hate crimes. The shirts are crafted by survivors, friends, loved ones, and allies to honor and tell the stories survivors and victims. For more information, please visit:

This Friday, April 27th, we will be creating denim and teal pins to honor Denim Day, a day in which people are encouraged to wear denim to raise awareness of sexual assault. Registration and details can be found on our website.

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Getting Funky with JourneyDance!

Thank you to Joy Cline-Okoye for a wonderful JourneyDance class. We had a great time and are looking forward to next class!

The JourneyDance Transformational Dance Movement Flow leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. Through breath, sweat, and expression, you gain a palpable experience of yourself as pure powerful energy.

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Learning How to Take Great Photos with a Smartphone

On the evening of March 29th, attendees of the ACI Smartphone Photography 101 class had a fun night of learning how to take great photos with nothing but a smartphone! ACI Board Chair and amateur photographer, Colleen Roche, walked participants though tips on how to take better photographs and how they're a great way to express yourself without using words. One of the biggest parts of the lesson was the importance of taking the time to look around for things that strike you and “see what you can see” instead of needing to find something beautiful. We learned how to line up shots within the frame of a camera, using light in interesting ways, and how to use camera apps such as Instagram to do some basic editing. Thank you to Colleen for an interesting session!

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Look to the Stars Astronomy Workshop

The ACI family gathered on March 27th to learn about the universe around us, at our Look to the Stars workshop. Members of Amateur Astronomers, Inc.: Ms. Mary Ducca, Mr. Michael Gironda, and Mr. Jim Nordhausen, gave a fantastic presentation about the stars, moon, constellations, and planets. Attendees learned how to find things in the night sky using a Planisphere, as well as learning how to use binoculars and telescopes to study the sky. For more about Amateur Astronomers, please visit

ACI is considering organizing an Astronomy Club. If you are interested, please contact CJ Dodge at 732-738-4388 or

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Workshop on Assistive Technology

ACI would like to thank Billy Busch, Executive Director of Membership Services at Community Access Unlimited, for his informative workshop entitled Assistive Technology and Independent Living. Staff, volunteers and others learned about the technology, from the latest gadgets, computer apps, home modifications and assistive technology that enable people with disabilities to become more independent in their own homes. Thank you Billy!

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Presentation for Parents of Transition Age Children with Disabilities

Turning 18.jpg

ACI would like to thank Melissa Powers, of the law firm of Hinkle, Fingles, Prior & Fischer, for her informative presentation on guardianship and special needs trusts. This workshop was geared towards parents of transition age children. This is the second part in a series of workshops and information sessions hosted by ACI devoted to the issues of parents of children with disabilities.

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